What does a motorcycle part do?

Motorcycle Parts

A motorcycle is made up of a variety of parts, each of which plays its role.

What does a motorcycle bumper do?

The safety factor of driving a motorcycle is low, and installing a strong bumper on a motorcycle is an important measure to ensure safe driving. The role of the bumper is just like its name. When it is dangerous, the motorcycle bumper mainly serves as a buffer and protection.

What does a motorcycle part do?

When a motorcycle with a bumper is dropped, the bumper first comes into contact with the road, and then the bumper is deformed under the force to consume the kinetic energy of the motorcycle, which acts as a buffer to protect the motorcycle and reduces damage to the vehicle body. .

At the same time, due to the lateral support of the bumper, the bumper and the exhaust pipe land first when the motorcycle falls to the ground, creating a safe space for the driver, especially the protection of the legs when falling. A motorcycle without a bumper will be pressed to the leg when it falls. Even if it is not hurt, the temperature of the engine and the muffler is very high and it is easy to burn.

What does a motorcycle part do?

What does a motorcycle engine vent pipe do?

The engine vent pipe has two main functions:

The first is the air pressure: when the engine is working, a large amount of oil and gas is generated in the crankcase, which is discharged to the outside through this air pipe. Make the air pressure in the crankcase consistent with the air pressure outside the engine to play a balancing role;

The second is heat dissipation: lubricating oil has five functions. Cooling is one of them. The high-temperature oil and gas produced by the internal lubricating oil of the engine is radiated to the outside by the vent pipe.

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